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Classica HD ir klasiskās mūzikas kanāls, kurā skatāmas operas, koncertuzvedumi un balets pasaules klases mākslinieku izpildījumā. Kanālā skatāmi ieraksti no 8 labākajiem klasiskās operas namu iestudējumiem.

  • 00:00
    Beethoven, String Quartet in C minor, Op. 18/4
  • 00:25
    Bryn Terfel sings Schubert and Schumann
  • 01:25
    Wagner, Rienzi
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  • 01:25 - 04:00
Wagner, Rienzi

Richard Wagner´s early opera Rienzi is stylistically closer to Meyerbeer and bel canto than to Wagner´s later masterworks. Yet even this early work - especially as presented in this recording from the Deutsche Oper Berlin - is so fantastically beautiful that it takes one´s breath away (Berliner Zeitung). Though the story of the rise and fall of a charismatic leader and his totalitarian regime takes place in 14th-century Rome, stage director Philipp Stölzl sets it somewhere in the recent past. The topic anticipates the history of the 20th century in a visionary way, says Stölzl, adding that one can make surprising analogies to many despots of this time”. Since film was a central propaganda tool of 20th-century totalitarian systems, Stölzl uses film projections to make the tribune” Rienzi tower above the masses or, in the style of old newsreels, to show a utopian New Rome. Sebastian Lang-Lessing conducts Chorus & Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin, leading roles: Torsten Kerl (Rienzi), Camilla Nylund (Irene), Kate Aldrich (Adriano).